21 February 2014

How to integrate TeamViewer with Zendesk

Thanks to Zendesk and TeamViewer, now it's possible to integrate the TeamViewer app directly into your Zendesk account.

This is great news because it means that you no longer need to ask the user for their user ID or password to create a screen sharing session. They don't even need to have TeamViewer installed beforehand. All they need to do is click on the link that you've sent to them when you replied to their ticket and everything is automatically setup.

If you like how that sounds, here is how to integrate TeamViewer with Zendesk:

  1. Login to your Zendesk account
  2. Click on the Gear icon in the lower left to access your Admin panel
  3. Under Manage click on Ticket Fields
  4. Click on Add custom field
  5. Choose Text and click on Select
  6. In the field for agents write TeamViewer Session ID
  7. Leave both of the check boxes empty and click on Add field
  8. On the newly created ticket field TeamViewer Session ID click on edit
  9. Copy the number from the Custom Field ID on the right
  10. Now under Apps click on Marketplace
  11. Find the TeamViewer app and click on it
  12. Click on Install App
  13. Paste the number in the TeamViewer Custom Ticket Field*
  14. Leave all the other fields empty and click on Install

Note: It's always a good measure to close and open a new tab after you install any application in Zendesk because this allows your browser to refresh and load the new app properly.

That's it! TeamViewer is now integrated into your Zendesk account and will show up next time you reply to a new ticket. The first time you use it, you will need to sign in with your TeamViewer ID or sign up for a new account at their website.