29 June 2015

How to upgrade your PlayStation 4 Hard Drive

With many PlayStation 4 games being 30+ GB and with those awesome flash sales, the standard 500GB hard drive gets filled up pretty quickly.

Luckily, Sony did a beautiful job in making the PlayStation 4 hard drive easy to upgrade (and, according to their TOS, it doesn't even void the warranty).

Here is the step-by-step video tutorial on how to upgrade your PlayStation 4 Hard Drive:

This step by step video tutorial will guide you through the complete process of upgrading the Hard Disk on your PlayStation 4.

It features:
1. USB Drive Preparations and Software - 0:07
2. PS4 Backup Preparations - 1:20
3. Upgrading the Hard Drive - 2:30
4. Installing the PS4 Software - 4:45

Link to the official PlayStation 4 Software update:

If you have any questions or need any help about the procedure, please feel free to contact me.