19 July 2016

How to run Stardew Valley on a Mac

I've been following Stardew Valley since the beginning and been waiting for a Mac version in order to be able to play it. Now it's finally possible.

Thanks to the awesome Stardew Valley community members, there is now an App Wrapper that allows you to play the game on a Mac, without the need to install a virtual machine or dual boot.

I've had a bit of difficulty getting all the right pre-requisites installed before installing the actual game, so I made this step-by-step video tutorial on the whole procedure:

How to run Stardew Valley on a Mac:

Here is the link to the post mentioned in the video:

Big thanks to @DandoCalrissian, @MonokelPinguin, @jeregrine, @haxd, @huecester, and the fellow players who helped making the App Wrapper.

Also big thanks goes to Wineskin and WineHQ for making running windows app on a Mac possible.

I hope it will be useful to someone to make everything up and running, and be playing Stardew Valley in no time.

Thank you again for making this possible!

Important: Always make a backup of your save games before installing any version.

As always, you're doing this procedure at your own risk.