How to Add Multiple Languages to your Weebly website in 2019

If you are using the amazing Weebly service and love the simplicity of it all, you will be reluctant to move away from it even when you start to need more advanced functionality. One such hurdle is how to add another language to your Weebly website. Of course, you can just copy your entire site and cross link it to the original, but in that case you will need to maintain two separate sites. And things get even more complicated if you want to add more languages.

Working with the design of and checking out the functionality of the Weebly page builder, I have found a solution how to implement any number of languages in your existing Weebly website and all having their own menu and structure. Here is the step-by-step procedure (in less than 10 minutes):

Add Multiple Languages to your Weebly website in 2019

Always make sure to do a backup copy of your website and templates before making any changes! You're doing this procedure at your own risk. (This procedure works with all versions of Weebly, including the latest update. Only the interface might be different)

For your convenience, here is the example code for the Language Switcher from the video. Just change the links and the style to suit your needs.

     .getvladimir-multiple-langauges-example {
        position:absolute;right:50px;font-size:17px;font-family:'arial bold';
     @media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
       .getvladimir-multiple-langauges-example {
   <div class="getvladimir-multiple-langauges-example"><span><a href="/">English</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="/home-mk.html">Macedonian</a></span></div>

After you implement the procedure, you will have two languages on the same Weebly site. They will both have their own independent menus and all the pages will have a language selection menu. You can add any number of languages using the same procedure. And you only need to maintain one Weebly site, which makes everything easier, including copying of contents between pages, stats, links etc...

Have any questions or need help with the implementation? Please feel free to leave a comment on the video or contact me on my email:

If it looks too complicated, don't worry. You can also get me to implement the whole procedure for you, so that you don't need to bother with HTML or CSS code at all. Please find more details on my website: